Although bananas can be found in almost every Brazilian home, they are not usually seen as an ingredient that can go out of the fruit basket and into the pan. Let’s change this together?


Banana is a very versatile ingredient and is rich in potassium, manganese, vitamin C, copper and vitamin B6. The most common varieties that can be found in Brazil are “prata”, “ouro”, “maçã”, “nanica”, “São Tomé” e “da terra” (learn more about each one here). All of them can be used in the kitchen and be transformed in chips, moqueca, farofa and as a side dish for fish and meat. And, of course, fried or in classic sweet recipes such as cakes. A curiosity: the “heart” of the banana tree is also edible. Its taste and texture is similar to artichokes and can be used in pickles or cooked as filling to pastries and pies. Ready to try? See the selection of recipes we made, choose one that you like and off to the kitchen!


Farofa de banana
Salty stuff:
plantain chips, banana farofa (in the picture), fish and plantain croquette;


Brazilian classics:
meat pot (in the picture), fancy paiche, São Paulo style beans, fish and plantain;


Cakes and desserts: banana cake, banana paste (in the picture), cartola (with cheese), cuca (sort of pie or cake). 


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