We teach you how to do these classics of Brazilian confectionery 


A huge success in every table, milk pudding is one of the most traditional Brazilian desserts. In the old times, the syrup was made by burning sugar with a hot iron – and the dessert was served sided by egg threads. We know that the condensed milk pudding – which the recipe came on the condensed milk can label – became far more popular than the classic version. But here we will teach you the old school way, with milk and eggs, and also show how versatile this preparation is, accepting ingredients like coffee, bread and tapioca.


As a bonus feature, we teach you how to make manjar, a delicacy that is also baked in the tube cake pan and has sugar syrup. Its roots are Portuguese, but in Brazil it is made with coconut milk and cornstarch and it is an icon of our cuisine too.



Milk pudding: the always welcome classic!


Coffee pudding: Brazil’s favorite drink is the star here!  


Bread flan: because we need to use all the leftovers!


Tapioca pudding: a celebration of manioc versatility!


Coconut blancmange: is it a pudding relative?


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