Comida no Cotidiano
(Contexto, 2021)

Written by chef and researcher Max Jaques, this book is an invitation to think about our daily food. A cuisine, therefore, Brazilian – with the multiplicities in its roots, stories, ingredients, techniques and dishes, spread throughout our territory or carried by its emigrants.

Básico – Enciclopédia de Receitas do Brasil
(Melhoramentos, 2017)

It is the first book signed by the Instituto Brasil a Gosto. The work focuses on our roots to present 512 typical recipes from the four corners of Brazil. He was awarded by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the Health and Nutrition category.

Fermentação à Brasileira
(Melhoramentos, 2020)

Authored by Fernando Goldenstein and Leonardo Andrade, duo at the head of Cia dos Fermentados, it is the first book curated by Instituto Brasil a Gosto. It brings not only theoretical explanations about this ancestral technique, but also a series of recipes for drinks and fermented national foods or made with ingredients from our country.

Misture a Gosto – Glossário de ingredientes do Brasil
(Melhoramentos, 2015)

It presents an overview of the national culinary diversity through a glossary that maps 500 products – more or less known – found by the different regions of the country.

Cardápios do Brasil
(Senac, 2014)

It marks the trajectory of the eight years of existence of the Brasil a Gosto restaurant. It brings 47 recipes, texts on travel experiences, 22 food production techniques and an illustrated glossary with 167 ingredients. It was also awarded at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, as the best cookbook of the year, in 2014.

Brasil a Gosto
(Melhoramentos, 2005)

It portrays Brazilian cuisine through elements such as folklore, handicrafts and popular legends. He won the award for best gastronomy book in the photography category, by the Gourmand Cookbook Awards, in 2009.