Discover the traditional dishes from this state, famous for its food culture

Leticia Rocha

Known as the food capital of Brazilian Northeast region, Recife is also the third biggest national gastronomic center, counting more than 10 thousand food businesses (data from Abrasel – Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants), behind São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

This is due to ther variety of ingredients and preparations not only in the capital, but in lots of cities. Many recipes are considered intangible cultural heritage, such as rolled cake, do Souza Leão cake and cartola.

Some symbols of local cuisine were also eternalized, such as the “tapioqueiras do Alto da Sé de Olinda” –  a square that became touristic because of its tapioca tents.

Other emblematic recipes from Pernambuco are: jerked beef surprise; pamonha; arrumadinho; Pernambuco style feijoada; Brazilian corn couscous; sun-dried meat with milk mush and grilled coalho cheese; beef shank e  goat’s entrails.

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