He jumps on one foot, wears a red cap, smokes a pipe and is a glutton

October 31st was the day chosen to celebrate the Saci on the Brazilian events calendar. The date was created by a law project in 2003 to honor the most emblematic character of Brazilian folklore. Is exactly the same date as the North American Halloween.

The character even has societies dedicated to him, such Sosaci (Society of Observers of Saci), located in São Luiz do Paraitinga. According to the group, Saci is playful and crazy about food. He has a very Brazilian taste and likes abundance: he likes to start the day with bananas, porridge and a watery filtered coffee. He loves fruits and usually drinks juice at lunchtime – and cachaça just to whet his appetite before meals.

The Saci’s favourite dishes are fried lambari (fish), peanuts paçoca, rice, beans, farofa and fried manioc, of course. In the middle of the afternoon, he likes to eat snacks such as broa de fubá, bolachinhas e biscoito de polvilho. Também é chegado em doces como pé-de-moleque, goiabada cascão e bananada. For dinner, he likes to eat sopa de cambuquira or some fried içá ant!

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