The Instituto Brasil a Gosto is one of the highlights of the program of the Jornada de Nutrição de Ribeirão Preto (Jonurp). In its 14th edition, the event takes place between September 19th and 21st, at the university campus, in São Paulo state countryside. This is an initiative designed by students of the Nutrition and Metabolism course at the Ribeirão Preto Medical School – USP, with the aim of bringing to the students updates about their career, the job market and the different areas of this profession.


Our lecture will be on Saturday, the 20th, and the speaker will be Max Jaques, our chef that was born in Santa Catarina. Named “Brazilian cuisine, health promotion and sustainability”” the presentation proposes a reflection about the role of nutrition professionals to spread knowledge about Brazilian cuisine, since they can indicate local ingredients and preparations in their diet prescriptions and nutritional therapies. “Every recipe is a story, so the Brazilian cuisine is more than just a recipe collection. It is the historical narrative that tells how we and our ancestrals solved this basic need that is eating”, says Max. “To research and keep flavours from a group can’t be letting this knowledge resting in a museum, untouchable. It is the opposite, it is creating platforms for us to get in touch with the tradition and to build new possibilities for food in the future”, he adds.


Event info:
Jornada de Nutrição de Ribeirão Preto
19th to 21st of September
Tickets from R$ 50 to R$120 (prices vary for graduation students, post-graduation students and professionals). Click here for more information.

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