We made a selection of sweet and salty recipes of our cuisine that are delicious and don’t use meat. Enjoy!

In the past, being a vegetarian was much harder. Today there are many more options of products and recipes. Here are some sweet and salty preparations for you to taste.


Scarlet eggplant chips

There is a lot of negative preconception  involving this vegetable, that actually goes very well in different recipes. One of them is scarlet eggplant chips, which can be a snack or a good appetizer.

Cauliflower au gratin

This dish needs a little more time of preparation (around 40 minutes), but goes well on cold days or sided with a nice salad.


This recipe is made with a variety of pumpkin known as “jerimum” in the Northeast region of Brazil. Its consistency is similar to a thick cream and sometimes it takes corn flour. In Goiás, quibebe means cooked manioc, chopped and then sautéed.


Mayonnaise salad

You were invited to a barbecue and don’t know what to cook for the vegetarians? A good choice is a potato salad made with mayonnaise.Tortei de Moranga

Pumpkin tortellini

A variation of Italian “tortelli”, this type of fresh pasta made with filled dough and is present in almost every Italian-like party that takes place in Serra Gaúcha region and is also common in Sunday lunch menus.


Portuguese Ambrosia (different from the English one)

This recipe came from Portugal and is a favourite in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil. The biggest secret to a good ambrosia (the word came from Greek language and means the amber consumed by mythological gods) is the texture: it needs to be perfectly cracked.


Carrot cake with chocolate frosting

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t smile when there is a carrot cake with chocolate in the oven, don’t you think?gelatina colorida

Broken glass jello

Mixing different jelly flavours is a nice dessert option, no matter the occasion. But you must be aware that although it is simple to make, it takes at least 4 hours to be ready. So, off to the kitchen!

French toast

A classic recipe for Christmas’ Eve in Portugal, French toast is also known by different names in Brazilian Portuguese that means “golden slice” and “postpartum slice”. In Bahia, it is served with coffee, as well as fried bananas with sugar and cinnamon and cooked and baked breadfruit.

Lime pie

The sour taste from limes with sugar makes a perfect match.This is a good option for dessert when there are quite a few guests, because the recipe serves 8 people. 

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