Aware of the social emergency we are living because of Covid-19 pandemics, chef Ana Luiza Trajano decided, with Instituto Brasil a Gosto, to advance the launch of a video series that was in post-production process, but can help everybody in the task of cooking in a joyful and conscious way in this reality that we are all staying at home, social distancing and taking care of our immune system.

The Cesta Básica series, like the name says – it is a reference of the terms in Brazilian Portuguese that means the staple food ingredients needed to live –, is focused on staple ingredients and brings easy recipes to do in day to day life and at home. With them it is possible to create a menu that lasts two weeks using the most of each ingredient in different ways.

To make it easier to find out what you need, you will find, in the links below: 1 – a shopping list with versions for families of 2, 4 or 6 people; 2 – the complete recipe book, with all the suggestions and the how-to of each one; 3- a selection of any tools and items you need to cook at home;  4 – a suggestion of menu for the next 2 weeks. You just need to download the file.

Over the next few days, we will publish in our social media(@institutobrasilagosto) and in our YouTube channel (/InstitutoBrasilaGosto) some videos of these recipes made by chef Ana Luiza Trajano. We hope that it could help you organize a routine of healthy and tasty meals at your home.

And please note: this material was thought and made before the crisis, so please ignore the possible suggestions to invite friends and family to eat together. We need to wait to celebrate together when all of this is over. Until then, the most important is to follow the recommendations of health authorities and stay home as much as we can, protecting ourselves, the ones we love and our entire community.

1. Shopping list

2. Recipes for 2 weeks

3. Tools list

4. Menu for two weeks 

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