The steak can be found at popular and fine restaurants. Learn five recipes.

Here is an icon of Brazilian cuisine:  the steak.  And it is everywhere: you can find it at quilos (restaurants that sell food by the weight), at PF (“prato feito”, the meal served in simple restaurants, mostly at lunch time) and even in high end gastronomy restaurants. Here you can find five ways to cook this classic of our cuisine.


Steak N’ onions
As it says in its name, onions are the other ingredient of this preparation – and is better when using lots of onions – giving it an unmistakable sauce that brings lots of flavour to the meat. Rice, beans and farofa make the perfect match.


Breaded Steaks
Beef steak, wheat flour and breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, oil to stir fry. These are the ingredients for the crunchy steak of your dreams. Serve it with lime slices – prefer the galego variety – and mashed potatoes to make it even better.  



Seak Parmesan
The breadcrumbed steak is covered with tomato sauce and cheese and goes to the oven. French fries make this even more irresistible.


Steak rolls
This is a very nice recipe from Brazilian homes that is a bit forgotten these days! The beef is rolled with fillings like bacon, carrots and onions. Then it is cooked in a tomato and onion homemade sauce. 


Beef Liver and Onions
Here is another recipe that uses lots of onions! And this needs some previous preparation, such as cleaning the steaks very well and seasoning with vinegar and oil. Stir fry the steaks for only three minutes at each side, otherwise the texture will be chewy. 


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