Produced with two fish varieties – Gadus macrocephalus, the “Pacific cod”, and Gadus morhua, the “Atlantic cod”, known as the “true” cod and fished in North Atlantic waters. It is a salt-cured, dehydrated product that was born from the need of preserving food. In Brazil, where the product is quite popular, the high price of “true” cod favored other products, using inferior fish varieties such as pollock, cusk (or tusk), and ling. A traditional dish at Easter and year-end festivities, the Portuguese- inherited salt cod dish Bacalhoada is usually prepared with potato, tomato, onion, bell peppers and hard boiled eggs. Salt cod can also be shredded and used to prepare savory pie fillings, and the traditional Bolinho de Bacalhau (salt cod fish cakes), sold in several pubs and restaurants in Brazil.