Citrus bigaradia Loisel

THE FRUIT DOES NOT LOOK very appealing: it is sometimes flattened in the middle, or deformed, and the peel may have dark spots. But none of this affects the toughness and juiciness of Rangpur lime. Originally from Asia, it has adapted well to Brazil, where it can be found in the backyards of country-side towns, by the rivers or at the seaside. In addition to juices, is goes well in cakes, jams, marmalades, caipirinhas and salad dressings. Also known in English as mandarin lime, it has several other names in Brazil, such as limão-francês, –vinagre, –cavalo, –cravinho, –bode, –china, –capeta and –galego. In places like São Paulo, however, another fruit is also called limão-galego: Citrus aurantiifolia, known in English as key lime.