Amidst launches and novelties in Instituto Brasil a Gosto, the highlight is a very special moment: welcoming the newly appointed dean of FMU, Manuel Furriela, who took over this week in a university that has a partnership with our institute.

In Liberdade campus, where the institute has its headquarters, the distinguished  international lawyer Furriela expressed his enthusiasm for our projects and ideas. ‘It is an initiative that can be worked across courses and involve all students, professors and the whole university community in all areas. We have 80 courses.’

Representing Laureate group, the global higher educational network responsible for over 50 universities in Brazil, including FMU, Rosa Moraes, director of Hospitality and Gastronomy, and Patrícia Mefora, director of Southern and SouthEastern regionals also attended the meeting.Cintia Rolland, Hospitality and Gastronomy coordinator of FMU, and Arnaldo Silva, Business School manager were also present.

The group was welcomed by Instituto Brasil a Gosto with a Brazilian taste. The full menu included iconic dishes of Brasil a Gosto such as Manioc starch biscuit , Pão de queijo Canastra, Pupunha heart of palm salad, bobó de camarão (shrimp and cassava stew) with coconut rice, palm oil farofa and maria mole with baba de moça for dessert. In line with the new phase of the Instituto in which native ingredients are used in trendy recipes there were gherkin pickles, manioc chips, cacao and Brazilian nut bread as well as a selection of Brazilian cheese and sausages from artisans. The guests were gifted with urucum oil, pepper sauce and other products being developed by Instituto Brasil a Gosto this year.

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