Brazilian native species and national recipes are now in an international database: Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition.

The international project BFN- Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition, a non profit organization funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF) in partnership with the Brazilian Ministries of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication has just launched the Biodiversity and Nutrition tool ( The idea is for it to become a great database with all our native ingredients and national recipes. Each product is registered with its macronutrients, vitamins and minerals composition. 150 food ingredients were compiled for the launch.

The novelty, which is part of the SiBBr platform – Information System on Brazilian Biodiversity,  is expected to have added  70 native species to the dossier as well as to have compiled about 300 recipes using those typical ingredients of the Brazilian flora.

All the data collected and the recipes developed have been part of the work of universities and research institutes working with the BFN. The main goal is to draw the attention to the fact that even though Brazil has the biggest biodiversity of the planet – about 20% of the world’s diversity – most of it is still underused.

The system aims at boosting the use of native plants including those already known and sold in local and regional communities but still with low market penetration nationally, let alone internationally. The best way to reach such markets is investing in knowledge, documentation and sharing of this knowledge.

Besides Brazil, the BNF is led by Kenya, Sri Lanka and Turkey on behalf of human wellbeing through nutrition, sustainability and biodiversity.

Picture by :Abiú (Alexandre Schneider)

BFN Brasil – Biodiversidade para Alimentação e Nutrição

BFN – Biodiversity for Food Nutrition

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