The Instituto Brasil a Gosto, committed to research and rescue of gastronomic national tradition, introduces new features and plans for 2018. The entity now has a digital platform in English and Portuguese that is much more than an institutional channel of communication.

By Bel Moherdaui

In the platform you can find an area for news, one for the promotion of events, courses and products and a database of recipes with Brazilian ingredients that will be continuously fed with the 15-year research experience of the chef Luiza Trajano. You can also engage as a volunteer or donate to the institute on the website.

The social media of Brasil a Gosto ( e has also been reformulated. 

The Institute has just launched its Youtube channel.It comes with a web series of Brazilian recipes in which dynamic videos teach all the national classics like acaraje, corn cake and carreteiro rice.


In the beginning of the year, Ana Luiza Trajano assisted in the inception of the first post graduation course in gastronomy in FMU (partner of the Institute since last year). Launched in March, the course is divided in ingredients, not in biomes. The chef is a guest professor for the manioc and corn modules.

The first short courses of the Instituto Brasil a Gosto start in May. With one or more modules that can be bought in the platform FoodPass, they will be offered at the headquarters of the Institute in the Liberdade neighbourhood. The first one is on Brazilian cheese and will be led by cheese specialist Bruno Cabral on May 2nd, 7th and 10th. Other themes like natural fermentation, kombucha, natural sodas, pickling and Brazilian beverages are also on the programme.

Watch the manifesto video of Instituto Brasil a Gosto at:

Instagram: @institutobrasilagosto
Youtube: Instituto Brasil a Gosto

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