“Some desserts have a large number of lovers not only in one region but in a whole country”, wrote the sociologist Gilberto Freyre in his book Açúcar (sugar). “Coconut candy is one of these cases in Brazil. Guava candy is another one” Native to tropical regions of Americas and growing all over our territory, guava trees bear fruits with very strong perfume, lumpy rind and pulp that can be red or white and that are used not only to make compotes, goiabada cascão (guava cheese) or jam – used to fill biscuits, cakes and pies – but could also be used to make juices, jelly and sauces. And, the perfect match: goiabada with cheese, popularly known as “romeo and juliet”, a combination that, as Freyre said,  is “tastefully Brazilian”.   

Guava’s harvest runs from January until April – and, sometimes, mid-May. But since guava is a very versatile fruit with lots of cooking potencial, it is possible to have it perfuming the house for many months. Check three suggestions:

Rolled cake
Chunky guava paste
Guava treats 

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