The partnership between Instituto Brasil a Gosto and Le Botteghe di Leonardo has news: the launch of Flavors of Childhood line. As the name already explains, it carries the difficult, but tasty mission of revisiting affective memories. After lots of tests and months of work, our chef Thiago Andrade and the ice-cream chef Marcelo Lima elected four options: caramelized banana, cocada, brigadeiro and rolled cake. “It was very interesting to think about this theme and work to make an ice cream that could translate a memory. It was not easy, we started from a list with a dozen recipes with which the Brazilian have emotional connection. Many tests later, we narrowed it down to these four flavours”, explains Thiago.


“The working process did not stop there. Once the flavors were decided, it was time to go to the kitchen, follow the recipe for each sweet strictly and evaluate how to apply them to the many nuances that the technique of making ice cream has”, says the ice-cream chef, Marcelo, who was supported by Ruy Fernandes, bakery confectionery from the ice-cream parlor. Each of the sweets is handcrafted at Le Botteghe’s confectionery, under the guidance of the Instituto Brasil a Gosto, and only after that they become ice cream.


This is the second joint action of the two brands. The first one took place in June (read more here) and brought the line of Festa Junina flavours, with ice-creams with quentão, purple sweet potatoes, cornflour cake and toffee apple flavours.


The Childhood Flavours will be available at São Paulo and at Rio de Janeiro branches for a limited time only.

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