The five flavours created to celebrate the festas juninas will be available in the ice-cream parlour of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro until August

Who doesn’t love the flavours related to Brazilian festas juninas (popular celebrations of catholic saints in June)? We have some great news: Instituto Brasil a Gosto’s chef Thiago de Andrade in partnership with ice-cream chef Marcelo Lima, from Le Botteghe Di Leonardo ice-cream parlour, developed five ice-cream flavours that refers to one of our most typical celebrations.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]From Thursday (30) on , five flavours will be available: toffee apple, cornflour cake (with small pieces of cake), quentão (a typical hot drink made with cachaça and spices), sweet rice and sweet potato (with candied sweet potato pieces). When you taste it, it feels like eating the treats themselves, but in an ice cold version. “We can say that we are creating a gelato ‘brasiliano’ (a mix of Italian and Brazilian ice-cream) that is not only using the Brazilian ingredients with Italian techniques, but which has taken an investigation of the tradicional flavours and emotional bonds involving those recipes, that are so typical from here. The partnership unites the work made by Instituto Brasil a Gosto in researching and valuing Brazilian food culture and Le Bottegue respect for our cuisine and, particularly, its excellence in gelato making”, said Thiago de Andrade, chef of Instituto Brasil a gosto.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The flavours will be available at São Paulo and at Rio de Janeiro branches until the beginning of August. So you have plenty of time to try them!

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