Euterpe olearacea Mart. Persea americana Mill.

Together with cassava/manioc, pumpkin and corn, among other ingredients, the avocado was a gift from the Americas to the rest of the world. The green, leathery skin surrounds a large seed and a velvety pulp, with buttery texture and a mild flavor that is hardly sweet, but has no bitterness either. Due to this neutrality, avocado is very versatile in the kitchen. In Brazil, it is mainly consumed as a fruit, mixed with sugar in the form of milk-based smoothies, or mashed into a cream and served as dessert. In other countries of Latin America and the United States, however, it appears in savory recipes such as salads, salsas and appetizers. Although it can be found basically year in Brazil at fairs and supermarkets, the best time for consumption is from December to April.