Homemade food by excellence, full of affection and that brings memories from your mother’s (or grandmother’s) food, it can’t be forgotten on your menus

Rafaela Polo

When it comes to homemade food, minced meat is definitely an staple ingredient. It goes well in a lot of preparations, from simple to more elaborated ones, and is not that expensive. Here is a list of 5 delicious combinations for you to include in your recipe book. One tip: ask the butcher to mince ‘patinho’ (a confluence of flank, botton sirloin and rear shank) beef freshly for you.  “In my opinion, it is better because it is a cut low in fat and high in flavour”, says Karina Carvalho, chef from Instituto Brasil a Gosto.

Egg Ball

I’ve discovered bolovo in the city of São Paulo. In the countryside you find cooked eggs in bars,  but not like this”, says Ana Luiza Trajano. Bolovo is a whole cooked egg covered with minced meat and then fried and it also has a British version. In London you can find a similar recipe, the Scotch egg, created in the 18th century and which has lots of recipes with different yolk consistencies.

Oven Rice

It takes just a bit more than an hour to be ready and feeds the whole family. It is a good way to use leftover rice from lunch in a different preparation.

Ground beef and potatoes

The most classic preparation with minced meat is this combination that is wonderful for those days when your body needs some comfort food.

Beef roulade

Easy to make, this recipe needs just one hour to be ready. And you can try different fillings.


Buraco Quente (hot whole sandwich)

A classic from kid’s parties. Delicious!