You can choose from cheese, corn, pork rinds and a lot more. Be our guest!

Bread: a preparation that you can find everywhere in the world, in different shapes and tastes.  Right here in Brazil we have a lot of different recipes using different ingredients. They are good to eat at breakfast, as a snack or as an appetizer. That’s why we made this selection, with five Brazilian typical recipes for you to make at home.

Homemade bread

The smell of bread recently taken out of the oven fills  the whole house, have you ever noticed? This bread is usually soft and goes well with everything.

Delícia bread (Delicious bread)

Typical from Salvador, Bahia, it is filled with a milk based cream and covered with grated cheese on top. It is a very common recipe in celebrations but can also be eaten whenever you like.

Corn bread

Corn is a versatile ingredient that goes well in lots of recipes. Pamonha, curau, ice-cream, cake…And why not bread? Put this one in your recipe book.


Pão de Queijo (Savoury cheese bread)

This piece of Minas Gerais has conquered the whole country and is winning hearts all over the world! “Although it can be made with any cheese, I suggest using Canastra (from Minas Gerais), Reino cheese or parmesan cheese”, says Thiago Andrade, chef from Instituto Brasil a Gosto. The recipe that was part of the Brasil a Gosto restaurant menu (and that is still served in the events we make) uses grated “meia-cura” cheese (a half cured cheese from Minas Gerais).


Crackling bread

First you make the crunchy pork rinds and then sprinkle it all over the bread dough. It goes really well with beer! (See the step by step video in our YouTube channel).

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