Araucaria angustifolia Schinus terebinthifolius

Nut of a tree native to the Atlantic rainforest and to the South region of Brazil, known in English as Parana pine, Brazil pine or candelabra tree, this nutritious pine nut pays an important role in the Brazilian June Festivities. Just boiled in water with a little salt, or roasted on the plate of a wood-fired stove, it is a tasty snack to be paired with Quentão (mulled cachaça). In the mountain region of Santa Catarina, it is used to prepare Entrevero, a stew with sausage, tomato, pork and beef, and Paçoca de pinhão, cooked and ground Parana pine nut pounded with meats and sausage. It is also used in soups, salads, and to prepare candies, such as a sweet version of paçoca, and a nutritious meal, Parana pine nut flour.