But at least it is from Paraguay! And it is also a very common dish in Mato Grosso do Sul

Rafaela Polo

When someone talks about soup it is natural to think about something liquid and hot, something like a broth or a cream, right? But it is not the case of Paraguayan soup.

The story of the dish is in the book Básico – Enciclopédia de Receitas do Brasil, by Ana Luiza Trajano: “This savory cake is another example of the influence of our neighboring countries. The recipe is very popular in Paraguay, as the name implies, although it is named as a soup but is definitely not a soup. It is eaten at breakfast, a habit that was extended to the border cities of Brazil’s Midwest region.

The “soup” is made with corn and cheese and it is very popular in Mato Grosso do Sul. Do you wanna try it? See the recipe here.

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