Learn about initiatives created to help food entrepreneurs in Brazil

Bel Moherdaui

With local government determinations to close restaurants and pubs in many Brazillian cities due to coronavirus pandemic, the gastronomy business may face an unprecedented crisis, impacting more than 6 billion jobs directly. How to help?

Some initiatives are being created so the customers can collaborate with their favorite restaurants, bars or coffee shops. What they have in common is the possibility to buy vouchers or gift cards that will be used when the situation gets back to normal.

One of these initiatives is GGG (Gentileza Gera Gentileza, that means ‘kindness creates kindness’), an e-commerce of gift cards to restaurants and pubs in São Paulo that works inside the payment app Start Pay. Led by Alexandra Forbes, a gastronomy journalist, the initiative is already supported by S. Pellegrino and works by selling vouchers with the value of R$ 150 to be used in the selected restaurant. A Casa do Porco, Bar da Dona Onça, Bar do Cofre, Bráz Pizzaria, Capim Santo, Carlota, Mocotó, Original, Pirajá, are some of the restaurants and pubs already part of GGG. The vouchers can be used starting 1st January 2021.The total amount paid is available for each restaurant or pub after 48 hours of purchase and will help them pay the bills during months with low or even no income at all. To participate, the customers need to install the Start Pay app and register.

FoodPass, a platform that sells online tickets for food experiences (such as dinners, festivals, classes and courses), a partner from Instituto Brasil a Gosto in selling tickets for our events, created the project Quarentene-se. The restaurants can create vouchers with different face value to be used after the quarantine. The platform reduced in 50% its service taxes and will charge the bars and restaurants only 8%. The amount paid is passed on after 15 days. Fifty places are in the first phase of the action (such as the ice-cream parlor Frida & Mina, B.Lem bakery and the restaurants Mocotó, Duas Terezas and Bia Hoi) and this number will increase to 100 more places until the end of the month.

Ambev brewery, through its brand Stella Artois, also created an initiative to help Brazilian gastronomy businesses. In the website apoieumrestaurante.com.br is possible to buy vouchers of R$100, to be used in restaurants and bars all over the country (there are options in São Paulo, Belém, Brasília, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Salvador…). The great advantage: the brewery pays half of the voucher, so the customer pays just R$50 and can use the credit of R$100 until the end of the year. In a similar initiative, Heineken created the platform Abacashi, in which it is possible to choose the amount paid to your favourite place and the brewery doubles it when the moment to use the voucher arrives. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The group commanded by the entrepreneur Marcos Livi,which  includes Veríssimo, Quintana, Bioma Pampa, Padoca do Brique, Napoli Pizzaria among others, also created its own voucher system with the campaign Tamo Junto. Vouchers allow a discount from 20% to 50% in services (including delivery and events) and will be valid in any restaurant of the group for one year. The purchases are made by calling directly  11 989492006.

This system is similar to the one created by Jesuíno Brilhante. The idea is that the clients buy meals (individually or in packs of 5 or 10) to be taken away starting in June and valid until the end of the year.

Support your favorite restaurant and help the gastronomy business keep up during this contingency period.