Spondias purpurea L.

Hog plum, red mombim, purple mombim, or sineguela? The name may vary, but the delight they refer to is the same: an oval berry with yellow and juicy pulp, with a smooth, shiny and reddish skin. It is less acidic and sweeter than other fruits in the family of the Anacardiaceae, which includes yellow mombim, jew(ish) plum, and Brazil plum. In the Northeast, it can be found year-round in street markets stalls, and people use it to prepare juices, ice creams, liqueurs, mousses, sauces, and a legendary cocktail made with cachaça or vodka, popular in Bahia, where it is called “roska”. Some believe hog plum also has medicinal properties as diuretic and energy-buster.