The cook, who died on April 9th, was a symbol of the cuisine from Minas Gerais

Rafaela Polo

Se você ama comida mineiIf you love Minas Gerais food, even if you live far away from Minas Gerais, you owe at least a bit of your passion to Dona Lucinha. The cook, who died last Tuesday (9/4) at the age of 87, was one of the biggest names of Minas Gerais cuisine in the country.

On Instagram, the restaurant that carried her name broke the news about her death on social media. “The first ingredient you put in the pan is love ’. Mother, wife, friend, teacher, a successful businesswoman and proud to be from Minas Gerais, all of this describes a bit of what Dona Lucinha represents. Today, 09/04/2019, she left us. Minas Gerais and its typical cuisine lose one of its biggest names. But her teachings, stories, smile and, of course, her biggest trademark: LOVE! will stay with us. Rest in peace, Maria Lúcia Clementino Nunes ”, published the profile @donalucinhamatriz.

Dona Lucinha suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and, according to what her daughter reported to G1 website, the disease  had worsened in recent months. She was once the subject of a samba-enredo in Rio de Janeiro, won awards for her performance in cooking, is the mother of 11 children and will leave an important legacy.