The title became a law, sanctioned at the end of 2018 by São Paulo state former governor Márcio França

Bread, specifically the one called “french bread” in São Paulo, tomato, roast beef and melted cheese are only some of the ingredients you can find in a traditional Bauru sandwich. Created by a guy from the city of Bauru (also in São Paulo state) in the 1930’s, the sandwich eventually conquered the country and is now a must in every sandwich menu.

The sandwich was named after the law student Casemiro Pinto Neto’s nickname, which refers to his city of origin. Story says that he suggested the recipe to the chef of Ponto Chic, a sandwich shop in São Paulo capital, who wanted something special.

It has been such a huge success that, after almost 90 years, the recipe is now considered an immaterial heritage of São Paulo state. The law 16.914 was proposed by the state representative Celso Nascimeno (from PSC party) and sanctioned by the former governor Márcio França on December 28, 2018. The law says the recipe must be done with a pão francês (crusty bread roll), roast beef, tomato, cucumber pickles, mozzarella, oregano and salt. In the city of Bauru (also in São Paulo state), the recipe had already been officially registered in 1998.

Do you want to try it at home? Check aqui the recipe from the book Básico.