Powered by travelers, the platform displays the specialties found in each region, with a description and even tips on where to try them

Rafaela Polo

One of the best things about traveling is trying new flavors, right? If you, like us, leave home focused on tasting food you never heard of, it is worth visiting the TasteAtlas website.

Entering the platform, you can click on the map or write the name of the destination you wish to go to. In each one, a series of specialties from that region is registered. If you click in Brazil, for example, you can find things such as  churrasco (Brazilian barbecue), tapioca, pavê, canjica, caipirinha, moqueca, mocotó. By selecting one of them, the user can see a photo and a brief explanation of the dish, plus tips on where to taste it.

The platform works collaboratively. Travelers are invited to help develop it, telling about the foods they tried, where, and what they have to say about them. An estimated 10,000 dishes have already been registered.

And Brazil is also featured. Among the flavors pointed out as a “must try” for any foreigner who visits the country are: moqueca, barbecue, pastel, açaí in the bowl, acarajé, sun dried meat, roll cake.

It is also possible to search information about the dishes in a specific place by categories such as alphabetical order, popularity, location, best and worst ratings. For instance, coxinha, barbecue and pastel are some of the favourites amongst visitors, while feijoada, farofa and brigadeiro – shock! – have the worst grades.

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