Gallus gallus domesticus

Chicken with okra, chicken cooked in its own blood, roasted chicken, double-crusted chicken pot pie, Coxinha (mock chicken drumsticks)… The list of classic Brazilian recipes that have chicken as their main ingredient can be endless. Brought to Brazil by the Portuguese in their caravels, the chicken – easy to care for and to slaughter, and cheap, compared to other meats – became one of the most widespread livestock in the country. The bird can be used for food in almost its entirety: head, neck and feet are used in broths and soups; thighs, drumsticks and wings, which are very tasty, can be cooked in the oven or on the stove; the breast is a top choice for healthy eating and can be grilled, cooked and shredded to make fillings and salads; and the giblets − heart, liver, and gizzard − are great both in snacks and main dishes.