Learn more about this campaign and know the partners who already joined the cause

In reason of the tragedy that struck Brumadinho (MG) at the end of January, the Instituto Brasil a Gosto is mobilizing all the national gastronomy sector – chefs, restaurants and businessmen – to engage in an action on behalf of the victims of the tragedy.

The idea is to expand, in Brazil, the #paodequeijopelavida campaign, launched by chef Raphael Rego, from Oka – a restaurant in Paris that has recently become the only one abroad dedicated to Brazilian cuisine to win a Michelin star. Raphael decided to sell in his restaurant, for a month, portions of pão de queijo (cheese bread), an icon of Minas Gerais cuisine, at 5 euros. All the revenue will go to the victims.

Those interested in taking part in the action (chef, restaurant, event, professional, among others) are invited to create or choose a dish or product to participate in the campaign. They must also define the percentage of the sales that will be donated, as well as how long it will be active. Each business will be responsible for sending the money to a project that supports the victims of Brumadinho.

Those who want to help can contact us in our social media channels, by the email contato@brasilagosto.org or calling (11) 97087-8109.

Partners – closed actions

Recife, PE
Trattoria DaDani: on 1st February, chef Danielle Johnei’s restaurant hosts a special event launching the house’s cocktail and all the revenues will go to the campaign. Other two drinks were created exclusively for this action and the house’s best seller drink named Puxadinho will have 50% of its price designated to the action. Pina Cocktails is responsible for the drinks and for joining the cause.

Quina do Futuro: chef André Saburó’s restaurant created a special entree for this campaign, green tea smoked salmon belly with cashew nuts, rapadura and radish pickles. The price is R$37,90 and R$30 of it will go to Brumadinho. Starts on 2nd February and is limited to 300 portions.

Ponte Nova: the restaurant from the chef Joca Pontes will donate 50% of lunch and dinner revenues from 6th to 13th February.

São Paulo, SP
A Casa do Porco Bar: in the house of the chef Jefferson Rueda, the arroz de suã (rice with pork) will have 50% of its price going to the campaign. From 30th January to 6th February. 

A Casa do Porco Bar: in the house of the chef Jefferson Rueda, the arroz de suã (rice with pork) will have 50% of its price going to the campaign. From 30th January to 6th February. 

Bar da Dona Onça: 50% of the price from Janaina Rueda’s galinhada will be donated to the action. From 30th January to 6th February.

Casa Bonametti e Tupguar:

during the campaign, this bakery and confectionery from São Paulo capital will join the Minas Gerais tapioca flour producers (they produce tapioca flour since the 1940’s) to make pão de queijo. The big ones will cost R$ 6 and the portion with six small ones, R$ 10. All the money raised this Sunday, from 9h to 17h, will go to Brumadinho. 

Tubaína Bar: 50% of tubaínas sales from 3rd to 10th February will go to the campaign.

QCeviche: For seven days, the chain will give Brumadinho 50% of all dessert sales at the branches of Faria Lima and Barra Funda.

Arimba: at this restaurant that serves caipira and tropeira food, 50% of the sales of the andu tropeiro from the chef Angelita Gonzaga will go to the cause throughout February.

Lubie Bakery: in February, 50% of the sales from the cookie pie will go to the project.

Casa de Ieda: the chef Ieda Matos chose salty bolinho de estudante to join this campaign. During February, all the money from its sales will go to the project.

Mandioca Cozinha: at chef Madu Melo restaurant, everything was adapted to sell pão de queijo, with 100% of the sales from 29th January to 28th February going to the project.

Maria Farinha: this Brazilian cuisine restaurant will donate 100% of the revenues from its ‘bolinho caipira’.

No Quintal do Jabaquara: from 16th to 28th February, 100% of the coffee bavaroise with orange and chocolate syrup sales will go to the project.

Oficina Kitanda Brasil: the total amount raised by selling the pão de queijo filled with pork from the chef Tânea Romão will go to the campaign.  

Paula Labaki: 50% of February sales of her products Black Rub and Red Rub will go to the project.

Rosina Empório e Gastronomia: from 5th February until the end of the month, 50% of its organic fair sales will go to the cause.

Jericoacoara, CE
Grupo Malhada:
 special dinners will be held with 100% of the revenue going to the cause. At Chili Beach Resort  the menu includes a citric salad, boeuf bourguignon with pappardelle and sweet corn crema catalana for R$ 120. At Pescador Jeri, for R$ 89, the menu is vegetable couscous, snapper in ginger sauce, pumpkin and spinach puree and chocolate mousse with cashew nuts.

Serafim: the restaurant from the chef Mel Freitas will hold a special dinner dedicated to the cause on 8th February. The menu will have a starter, main dish and dessert and will cost R$ 120 with 90% of the price going to the project.

Juiz de Fora, MG
Juliana Araújo Gastronomia: at her place (a house for dinners, tastings and events) the chef will hold a dinner (with starter, main course and dessert, paired with wines) with 100% of revenues going to the cause.

Brasília, DF
Baco Pizzaria: the house, in Brasília, will change its logistics to prepare pão de queijo with 100% of revenues destined to the cause for a month, starting on 29th January.

B. Oliveira Doces: from 8th to 28th February, 100% of whole cake sales will go to the project.

Olivae: until the end of February, 50% of Carbonara Brumadinho price, from the chef Agenor Maia, will go to the project. 

Cuiabá, MT
The Bread Lab: until the end of February, 50% of pão de queijo sales will be destined to the cause.

Miguel Pereira, RJ
Summer Garden Restaurante: the house will participate in two different ways. First, from 31st January to 3rd February, 70% of cheese biscuit sales will go to the cause. From 4th February, they will sell a different item created exclusively for the action..

Maceió, AL
Restaurante Akuaba: 
in February, each acarajé sold means R$2,50 to Brumadinho. 

Pedreiras, MAPonto X: 70% of tropeiro sertanejo sales, made by the chefs Marcelo Rios and Rafael Brunno, will go to the project. Starting 7th February and for 30 days.

Vitória, ES
Caçarola Cozinha Artesanal: portions of 24 cheese balls costs R$25 and R$5 of it will be donated to the cause.