The cheese specialist Bruno Cabral opened a new season of courses of Instituto Brasil a Gosto with a crowded classroom on Wednesday , May 2nd.

The students were welcomed with colourful cornstarch, heart of palm, tomatoes and green gherkin  preserves, pumpkin and cocoa bread. They learnt about the history of Brazilian cheese and even tasted 9 varieties of them.

The course addressed theoretical knowledge that pervaded the history of cheese, its evolution, types, manufacture techniques and even Brazilian legislation.

The audience was composed by students with diverse backgrounds and wishes. ‘I grew up in a family immersed in farming. We had cheese made by my father, all prepared in a simple and natural way. I would like to apply this in my life.’ says the lawyer Claudia de Almeida Prado. The businesswoman who works with luxury hotels is looking for a new work area connected to gastronomy and saw the course as an opportunity. The chef Ieda de Matos, though already in the gastronomy area, felt motivated to widen her own horizons. ‘I learnt a lot. I cook Brazilian cuisine and was only used to using coalho cheese or curd cheese. I have already had great ideas for innovations with what I have learnt in the course. And this is just the first class.’ she tells us excitedly.

To those interested in the course, there are still two more classes on the 7th and 10th of May. each has unique content and the opportunity to make your own cheese. Tickets can be bought at Foodpass: Limited places.

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