Pouteria caimito (Ruiz & Pav.) Radlk.

Originally from the Brazilian Amazon, this fruit of smooth and deep-yellow skin has been found many times in coastal areas of the Atlantic rainforest, but currently, the majority of trees concentrate in the North region, where it is sold in street fairs and markets, filling up large baskets. Perfectly round, or oval and elongated, it is generally the size of a lime, or of a large egg, but some may weigh over 20 ounces. To be eaten fresh, the fruit needs to be very ripe, or the gelatinous, whitish sweet pulp becomes viscous and sticks to the mouth – hence the expression, current in Northern Brazil, which vsays that people who “comeu abiu” (“ate abiu”) can keep secrets, or keep their mouths shout. It can also be used to make preserves and jams.