Plastic should be banned from packaging, cutlery, plates , cups and disposable items used in the consumption of ready to eat food products according to the bill 92/2018 approved by the Environment commission in the Senate.

Written by senator Rose de Freitas (PMDB-ES), the bill proposes that plastic should be changed by biodegradable materials gradually and that in two years at least 20% of such items conform to the bill. In four years 50% will have been replaced; in 6 years, 60%; in 8 years, 80%. By 2028 all plastic will have been banned from packaging.

‘The final destination of most of this waste that we naively use when eating in a fast food restaurant or when we have a drink is the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans forfeiting the ecological balance in an extremely dangerous way.’ comments the congresswoman. ‘Even samples of treated water all over the world show the presence of microplastic. This means the conventional systems are ineffective at removing plastic waste and we are, therefore, ingesting plastic on a daily basis , unaware of its consequences to our health.’ she adds.

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