A unique opportunity: learning about the ancestral knowledge that forms Roraima cuisine, the state bordering South-american countries like Venezuela, to the North, and Guiana to the East and that keeps strong bonds with indigenous culture. When: from 7 to 11 of November. How: joining the Roraima Expedição Gastronômica, a food tour guided by the journalist and chef Denise Rohnelt, who lives in Boa Vista and who knows the region very well. How much: R$ 2800 per person, accommodation in double room, no plane tickets included.


In its first edition, the expedition has its highlight in the opportunity of seeing the Festival de Panelas de Barro (claypot festival) at the indigenous community Raposa I, in Macuxi. The claypot making is considered an intangible heritage of Amazônia by Iphan. “The material origins (clay), the way the ceramic is treated and cooked to make those pans and pots are a knowledge that goes throughout generations and will be shared in this event, that will take place inside indigenous lands and is held by women ceramists. This initiative is supported by the UniversidadeFederal de Roraima and has a technical and scientific goal to promote this tradition”, says Denise. 


The expedition program will also take the visitors to a farmers market in Boa Vista, where they will be able to see the variety of chilies, flours, fruits, oils and other regional ingredients. After that, they will go to Letras Saborosas headquarters (managed by Denise) to a cooking class in which they will learn how to make pork rice with black tucupi and cupuaçu cream. Everything will be tasted at lunch. The tour itinerary also includes a trip to Lethen, a city in the South of Guiana, at the border, to get to know the local cuisine, that is characterized by its sweet flavours.

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