Do you have dietary restrictions but don’t want to give up tasty Brazilian food? Our recipe collection has lots of options for different needs. Check it here for some good suggestions

Rafaela Polo

Living without gluten or lactose is not an easy task. But, luckily, our national recipe collection has a series of options with manioc, corn, coconut milk, fruits and meat that allows the ones who need to live gluten and lactose free, to keep up eating tasty. See some of this recipes: 

Pequi Rice

Pequi is a fruit typical from the Cerrado region. Cooked with rice, can change this Brazilian staple food. Just be careful when eating the fruit itself: it is full of thorns inside. 

chimia de amora

Blackberry Spread

This type or jam uses the fruit juice, pulp and even the peel and is very common in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Cashew fruit compote

Made only with fruit and sugar it is very easy to make – and it takes only one hour to be ready.

Ham hock

This pork cut is underestimated, but in the South region of Brazil it is more common because of its connection to German food influences. Try out our recipe and you won’t regret it!

Steak `N` onions

Easy and simple, it is very common in everyday meals and is gluten and lactose free.

Carreteiro Rice

This one pan recipe is made with meat, vegetables and rice which makes a full meal.

Bahia Style Moqueca

Fish, lots of olive and palm oils, tomatoes, peppers and coconut milk. Full of flavours, the moqueca baiana is gluten and lactose free.

Roasted picanha on coarse salt

In Brazil, barbecues are a favourite and the good thing is that this meat cut is not in the list of the ones problematic for people who are intolerant to gluten or lactose.

Canjica de Milho

Hominy pudding

Made with dry white maize kernels and coconut milk, this dessert is very common in Festas Juninas and is safe for those with these food intolerances.