Temperatures have dropped, but our craving for hot dishes has just increased

Rafaela Polo

Temperatures started to drop in Brazil – more so in some regions than others, of course. And this is the time that comes with the craving for something that warms us up.
If you thought about soups, you were right. So we choose three Brazilian recipes for you to taste and warm yourself up in a delicious way.

Meat and potato soup

This recipe has a traditional taste that can remind you of your childhood, when your grandmother cooked soup for the family in the winter.

Bean soup with noodles

No more wasting food! If you have any cooked beans leftovers you can use it in this recipe[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Fresh corn and squash buds soup

This recipe takes 40 minutes to be ready, so it is a good option for a weeknight after work.