They were created at the beginning of the last century and have curious stories

Rafaela Polo

What is the most Brazilian soft drink of all? It is Guarana, of course. The fruit gave rise to three typical refreshments sold in the country. We will tell you a little more about the story of Guaraná (the conventional one), Guaraná Jesus and Tubaína.


The typical South American fruit is the base of the most famous Brazilian soft drink, nationally and internationally speaking. Its first version was created in 1906, but it was only in 1921 that a sweeter recipe arrived, with a scent more similar to the one the fruit has. At that time, the drink was called Guaraná Champagne Antarctica. Today it is possible to find different versions and brands of guarana.

Guaraná Jesus

Guaraná Jesus was created in Maranhão and started being nationally distributed only after the brand was purchased by the Coca-Cola Company in 2001. Made with guarana extract and carbonated water, it has a characteristic light pink tone and is a “sweet drink with a touch of cloves and cinnamon”. Its recipe was created in 1927 by the pharmacist Jesus Norberto Gomes. The logo makes reference to his signature. The most recent packaging, created in 2008, was chosen by popular vote and also draws inspiration from the Portuguese colonial tiles of São Luís.


The first version of this drink would have appeared in Piracicaba, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, and it was inspired by the conventional guarana. There are controversies about its authorship, but some sources point to José Miguel de Andrade, owner of a liquor and vinegar factory. Its formula usually consists of a guarana-based drink plus mixed fruit extract or tutti-frutti flavoured extract.