Cichorium intybus

Variety of chicory, or escarole, also known in English by its Italian (pan di zucchero) and French (pain de sucre) names. With light green and elongated leaves, this chicory is also related to lettuce, but the flavor has stronger flavor and bitter notes. Versatile in the kitchen, it can be used in cold and hot dishes. Shredded raw leaves render a nice salad. In the south of Brazil, where it is called radicce, it is served alongside roasted spring chicken. Sautéed, this leaf green is a great accompaniment for meats, and can also be incorporated into fillings for savory pies, turnovers, sandwiches and fritters. Even though they are not as common at the Brazilian table, the bluish chicory flowers are edible and yield a beautiful garnishing for dishes. The best seasons to harvest are March, and September to November.