The 27th is the celebration day of Saints Cosmas and Damian. The twins are highly celebrated figures in African religions of Nagô roots, in which they are called Ibeji; and have their correspondence in the Catholic religion as well. It is believed that they have been charitable doctors. They are known as ‘good eaters’ and like sweets, popcorn and caruru. “It is a date full of rituals such as prayers, an altar with offers to the honored brothers and the tradition of serving food for 10 children, without charging for it”, explains Ieda Matos, chef at Casa de Ieda restaurant, in São Paulo.


Ieda is from Bahia. She follows afro-candomblé religion and she will celebrate the date at her restaurant with a special party on Sunday the 29th. “Starting at 11.00, we will do the rituals with the house closed. From 14.00, the house will be open to the public serving the date most emblematic dish: the caruru in its full version, that honors all Orixás and is composed of chicken xinxim, abará, acarajé, vatapá, popcorn, yam and omlucum –  recipe made with black-eyed peas. It will cost R$ 40 and no reservation is needed, since the celebration will be on the street in a very democratic and informal way. 


Until Sunday (29th), at Sotero Cozinha Regional – a restaurant that evokes Bahia’s tradition in São Paulo – a  special menu will be available with shots of “xixi de anjo” (angel pee), a Brazilian drink made with lime, orange and condensed milk; a mini sized acarajé (appetizer), fish moqueca or chicken xinxim (main courses options) and cocadinha (dessert).It Costs R$ 59,90 and will be available for lunch and dinner.

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