A company from São Paulo countryside created products using agro-industrial waste.

Oka Bioembalagens has developed a line of products that includes bowls, spoons, egg boxes and boxes for chocolates that are made with manioc starch. The company is located in Botucatu, in the São Paulo countryside. 

“They are crunchy, resist up to 200 degrees, they are non-toxic and work well for tastings and cocktails, occasions with lots of finger food”, hints the entrepreneur Érika Cardoso, the designer who created the brand.

The products look like styrofoam and can be considered doubly sustainable: they use waste that is usually discarded and they are also edible.

The company is focused on the “zero waste” concept, only working with renewable raw materials, which includes cassava starch and natural fibers from other agro-industrial residues. “The production is clean and the result is a material integrated into the natural cycle of life. This means that they can be discarded in any biome, becoming compost and even animal feed ”, says Érika.

Oka Bioembalagens


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