Frederico Trajano, Chieko Aoki, Alexandre Canatella e Sônia Hess attended the event 

The Consultative Board of Instituto Brasil a Gosto gathered in its first strategic meeting on Wednesday, October 24th. 

The chef Ana Luiza Trajano, Instituto’s founder and president, together with the directors Fábio Roldan and Bel Moherdaui, welcomed the entrepreneurs Chieko Aoki (Blue Tree), Sônia Hess (Dudalina), Sonia Quintella (Artesol), Adriana Lobo (Instituto Casa Bandeirista), Frederico Trajano (Magazine Luiza), Alexandre Canatella (CyberCook), Bruno D’Ângelo (Ideal WPP) and Fernando Musolino (Mercado Pago).

The meeting agenda was a balance of the activities of Instituto Brasil a Gosto so far  (structuring of digital platforms, launch of cooking workshops for women that suffered domestic violence, participation in fairs and exhibitions and creation of courses), the goals for 2019, such as the start of two important special projects with the goal of promoting and valuing the Brazilian cuisine. “We talked about how each adviser can contribute to strengthen our actions and support new ideas”, said Ana Luiza. During the meeting, they all ate the lunch prepared by the chef of Instituto Thiago Andrade, who cooked duck rice with tucupi and jambu.