#PovosdaFloresta defends the protection of the country’s environmental heritage and the indigenous peoples and traditional populations rights

Rafaela Polo

In 2019, the Instituto Socioambiental, one of the main organizations in Brazil that works with environmental and indigenous causes, celebrates its 25th anniversary. To celebrate the milestone, the institution, which defends the rights of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, riverside communities and other traditional populations, as well as its territory, launched the campaign: #PovosdaFloresta.

The movement is led by 25 leaders from nine indigenous peoples from the Amazon region, quilombola communities from Vale do Ribeira (SP) and riverside communities from Terra do Meio, in Pará. The idea is to honor those who protect the forests on a daily basis, with their work and dedication to the land. “If the forest, or nature in general, is our passport as a country for some idea of the future, the people who live in it are its true guardians”, says André Villas-Bôas, ISA’s executive secretary, in an official statement. “We have to appreciate the enormous contribution of these communities to the ecological balance of the planet”.

Watch the manifest video:

Support the forests. Don’t let them die.