Our chef Thiago Andrade talked about the importance of valuing national ingredients

Instituto Brasil a Gosto participates  in “VII Encontro Nacional de Morango, Pequenas Frutas e Frutas Nativas” (4th national meeting of strawberry, small fruits and native fruits), promoted by Embrapa Clima Temperado in Pelotas (RS), between November 6th and 11th. 

The event was directed to researchers, producers and students. Thiago de Andrade, chef of the Institute, spoke about (the little appreciation of) our small fruits in Brazilian cuisine to an audience of about 200 people. Thiago cited a series of little used and well-known Brazilian native fruits (such as cagaita, camapu and seriguela) and provoked: with such a great diversity, why do our restaurants insist on offering, for example, strawberry, lemon and kiwi caipirinha? Why not use butiá and araçá, for example, typical from the south of the country? We still need to know and value our own products. And this is one of the pillars of the work of Instituto Brasil a Gosto: disseminating the local gastronomic culture, bringing together and strengthening the links in the chain, from the producer to the final consumer.  In addition we work to promote respect for nature, territory and seasonality, working in a sustainable way.

Photo: Araçá

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