Capra hircus.

Pernambuco, has an unusual attraction: the Bodódromo, an area including several restaurants specializing in recipes made with goat meat. Leaner than chicken, beef, and pork, goat cuts are among the most eaten in the world; northeastern Brazil, which accounts for over 90% of national production, raises goat for meat and milk since colonization times. Some people think goat is used in Brazilian cooking only to make Buchada, a strong-flavored, hearty dish in which the viscera are cooked inside a bag made of the animal’s stomach. But the meat, dark and boldly flavored, can also be roasted, fried, braised, chargrilled, and “atolada” (stewed with cooked cassava). In São Paulo’s Italian cantinas, a classic dish is kid with broccoli and potatoes – kid is the young goat, of milder flavor.