The event’s third edition took place in São Paulo and got together big names of food world

Rafaela Polo

Eating is just an everyday activity for many people. But for other ones it is a lifestyle, a source of income and a way to change the world. This second group got together for an intense day of lectures and debates at Food Forum 2019.

This year event has the theme Elos and has brought to the stage different people such Hamilton Santos, an engineer from Rio de Janeiro that created Instituto Saldorama that told his path to offer São Gonçalo community access to healthy food; chef Janaína Rueda, who remembered her whole career and talked about today’s issue of food in schools; Rafael Brito Pereira, from Slow Food Bakery (in Rio), who pointed out the difference of cooking our own food; and the journalist Maria Canabal, who brought to the discussion gender inequality in the professional kitchens.

Isis Medeiros @isismedeiros_photo e Tuane Fernandes @tuanefernandess

Last year, chef Ana Luiza Trajano was very successful with her presentation on cassava (and the tasting of various starch biscuits). This year, Instituto Brasil a Gosto was present not only covering the event for its website and social media, but also showing a video and a feature about the chef and founder of the Institute in the event magazine.

ana luiza trajano revista food forum 2019

Among 22 speakers, it is also worth highlighting the presentation made by barista Isabela Raposeiras, who made an emotional speech about the appreciation of coffee producers; the duo João Peres and Moriti Neto, who had a creative discussion about the benefits and harms of food industrialization; the Chilean Matias Muchnicks, creator of NotCo, a company that produces and sells plant based products (such as the already famous Not Mayo, a vegan mayonnaise); and Pierre Slamich, a Frenchman who created a kind of food wikipedia app (with ingredients and industrialization index of each item). The event ended with a question made by the journalist and bartender – and partner of the Brasil a Gosto Institute – Néli Pereira: “What are you toasting to? Why are we toasting to what is not ours? ”. Yes, we need to add value to Brazilian drinks and supplies.

There were very interesting chats and very pertinent discussions. When it comes to food it is important to think about the welfare of animals and the sustainable production of vegetables and fruits. And the Food Forum deserves recognition for making all of these conversations possible.







Isis Medeiros @isismedeiros_photo e Tuane Fernandes @tuanefernandess