In an attempt to minimize collapses and support the food chain and gastronomy businesses, many important initiatives have been created all over the country. Among so many good intentions it is not always easy to identify the best ones – a doubt that occurs to those who want to donate (money, food or effort) and also to those who need the donations (including small business and producers). To help everyone, we made a list with some projects that were indicated by respected organizations and groups.

One of them is the Slow Food Brasil, local arm of the international organization based in Italy, which advocates for good, clean and fair food production, that created the project “Support a local food system”, an interactive register platform for producers, consumers groups, local business, restaurants and solidarity initiatives. Those who want to register,  click here. Those who want to consult the map, click here.  


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Another good option is held by Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor, o Idec, (consumers protection institute) to get consumers closer to alternative suppliers, which strengthen family farming and sustainable production systems. On the one hand, businesses need to register using the form available to download at the organization’s website. On the other hand, consumers can find, at  Comida de Verdade, platform, initiatives all over Brazil that sell healthy and sustainable food and that are operating during Covid-19 pandemic.


The Observatório da Gastronomia da cidade de São Paulo (gastronomy observatory)  from São Paulo’s capital (collegiate of São Paulo city council structured by the Department of Economic Development and Labour with the participation of civil society) started mapping actions in Brazil and all over the world with the intention of unifying the search for solutions as well as work as an inspiration and model for new local initiatives to be created (click here to download the document). In the document there are big actions such as the one taken by FAO, UN arm for food and agriculture –that involved 25 countries in a campaign to avoid food shortage – and local solutions such as Embrapii, about technology and promotion for micro-entrepreneurs and startups, created by Sebrae.


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