Eggs are a complete food, not only because they are high in protein, vitamins and minerals, but because they represent an important ingredient to prepare a multitude of recipes. Simply boiled or fried, eggs are a meal on their own. But they are also a quintessential ingredient for several Brazilian dishes, such as Ambrosia, a creamy dessert made with curdled eggs and milk, Feijão tropeiro (beans, meats and scrambled eggs mixed with manioc flour and seasonings), and Quindim (egg yolk and coconut custard). The color of the shell is not related to the nutritional value, but to the breed of the laying chicken. Important information: egg was dethroned from its role of “heart villain” when recent studies revealed that, in fact, it is the excessive consumption of saturated or trans fats, present in other foods, which is most dangerous for the heart’s health.