Stock your kitchen with these national flavours

Rafaela Polo

Our cuisine has strong and striking spices, that make all the difference in the final result of a preparation. Do you know them?


Imperative in recipes such as moqueca and green beans, it is very common in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. In Japan, coriander is also a medicinal herb.

Colorau (Annatto preparation)

It gives a reddish colour to preparations, but also adds a flavour that is similar to nutmeg. It is made by heating the seeds of annatto with some oil. Then, they are mixed with some corn or manioc flour and sift until it gets to a very fine and intensely red powder.

Bay leaves

It can be used as fresh or dry leaves and is used a lot to season beans. It goes well with meat, fish, poultry and vegetables and is one of the spices of the classic bouquet garni (French herb mix).

Dendê or palm oil

Very common in recipes from Bahia, it is the oil from the fruit of “dendezeiro”, a palm tree. Recipes such as moqueca baiana, acarajé, vatapá, caruru and shrimp bobó have this oil in their ingredients.