The event will be on May 14, in São Paulo

The greatest treasure of the Brazillian cuisine is its diversity, which is the reflexion of our people and our history. The ancestry that emerges from our flavours and our cooking style tells a lot about the resistance in keeping alive the knowledge from those who know the food from the moment it is seeded in the right moon phase until the moment it is cooked with affection.

This event is one of the actions from the workforce #pelacozinhaquilombola (in the name of quilombola cuisine) created and manage by Instituto Brasil a Gosto in partnership with other institutions, chefs and journalists that understand that by preserving this knowledge we can confer recognition to the contributions of black people who, in so many ways and for so many time, have been ensuring that all Brazilians have food in their table.

With the 1st Brasil a Gosto Forum, we want to broaden the debate, increasing the complexity of visions about these themes and, mostly, joining forces to rescue and share the knowledge from communities at risk that carry tradition in their recipes and care with the land.

This year, this will be a non-profit event. The money from the tickets will be used to pay for leaderships from Quilombo Ivaporunduva and Quilombo Nhunguara to come to São Paulo to participate in the roundtables.

We want more and more people getting in contact with such important culture, that is crucial to understanding our cuisine but still so little valued. Let’s work together for quilombola cuisine? Join us!

If you want to donate any amount – apart from the tickets minimum price – just choose the ticket value you think this initiative deserves.


1.15 pm: Accreditation + activations #placozinhaquilombola

2.00 pm opening – Bel Coelho

2.30 pm: From where we stand: quilombo as a resistance mechanism, with sociologist and researcher Wally Rodrigues 

3.00 pm: Every woman that cooks is a benzedeira (healer), with Elvira da Silva, cook and leader from Quilombo Ivaporunduva, chef Tanea Romão, from Kitanda Brasil restaurant. Mediation: Patty Durães 

3.45 pm: coffee break

4.15 pm: Cultivating is what feeds us: the Roça de Coivara, with Rosana de Almeida, leadership and farmer from Quilombo de Nhunguara and Chef Ieda Matos, from Casa de Ieda restaurant. Mediation: Raquel Pasinato, from Instituto Socioambiental

5.00 pm: Black gastronomic entrepreneurship in the city, with chef Aline Araújo, from Chermoula Gastronomia and Priscila Moraes, from Kitanda das Minas. Mediation: Larissa Januário 

5.45 pm: Study in the city or stay in the “roça”? Quilombo’s new generations challenge, with Elvira da Silva and Rosana de Almeida, leaderships from quilombola communities from Vale do Ribeira. Mediation: Priscila Sabará

5.45 pm: Gastronomia Periférica: is the aquilombamento (to form a quilombo) over?, with Edson Leite and Adelia Rodriguez. Mediation: Monica Rangel

7.00 pm: Closure

7.30 pm: Guided tasting with quilombo recipes and ingredients from quilombola communities from Vale do Ribeira, with Elvira, leadership from Quilombo Ivaporunduva and Rozana, leadership from Quilombo de Nhunguara

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