The chef, who is in Europe to improve her studies in gastronomy and opening up new work fronts for the Instituto Brasil a Gosto, talked in the event Sangue na Guelra

Bel Moherdaui, Letícia Rocha and Rafaela Polo
Photos: Ricardo Toscani

The chef Ana Luiza Trajano, expert and researcher of Brazilian cuisine and also founder of the Instituto Brasil a Gosto, was invited to take part in an international symposium in Portugal. The Sangue na Guelra 2019 took place on May 27 and 28 in Lisbon and was about gastronomy today and its future.

Ana was on stage on Monday (May 27) to talk about her research and promotion of Brazilian cuisine. It was an honour to talk to an international crowd that was so interested in hearing and see the space they are giving to Brasilian cuisine”, said Ana Luiza. Chefs César Costa (Corrutela) and the duo Janaína and Jefferson Rueda (Bar da Dona Onça and Casa do Porco) were also at the event.

After her talk, Ana returned to Paris (France) where she is studying and discovering innovations that will be used in her cooking. 

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