Tasty one-pot recipes

Rafaela Polo

Do we want to taste good Brazilian food? Yes! Do we want to spend hours cleaning the kitchen after the meal? No! So we searched our recipe book to find preparations that use only one pan and make it easier to clean up the kitchen.

Carreteiro Rice 

You will need a heavy bottom pan and the great tip is to add the ingredients in steps. As typical from Rio Grande do Sul as barbecue and “mate”, this preparation was named after the horse carts that were used to travel in the Pampas region. Iron pan and charqui, that doesn’t rot, was always in the luggage and rice was collected on the way.

Watch the video with the recipe

Capixaba Style Moqueca

No mess and lots of flavour. Differently from moqueca baiana, the capixaba version doesn’t use coconut milk or peppers.

The Troop’s noodles

Pasta is usually a convenient preparation that uses one or just a few utensils, but this one is more special and tasty. Traditional dish from Mato Grosso do Sul, it is still made today by groups of cowboys (the entourage) that walk animals through Pantanal. It is  worth a try.